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CNC Press Brake

TR Engineering CNC Press Brake

CNC Press Brake is used to bend the jobs cut in laser or in punching. It gives high dimensional accuracy, design flexibility and excellent repeatability. The machine is from Darley, Netherlands. Maximum tonnage is 130 tons and bed length is 3000mm.

  • Tonnage 130 Tons
  • Bed Length : 3 meters
  • Advanced CE safety system
  • Simple operation
  • Proven solution
  • Strict, quality standards
  • Competitive
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CNC Laser Cutting Machine

TR Engineering CNC Laser Cutting Machine

CNC Laser Cutting Machine is used to cut materials in a very economical and fast way. It provides accuracy and can handle intricate designs very easily. The machine is from Bystronic, Switzerland the leading manufacturer of such machines globally. Cutting Capacities are MS – 16mm, SS 8mm, Alu 5mm and Bed Size 3000mm x 1500mm.

The newest cutting and piercing technology delivers fast job processing and maximum parts production as well as first-class quality across the entire range of sheet thickness

The optional machine encapsulation reduces smoke emissions and noise to a minimum
Nominal sheet size 3000 x 1500 mm

Customer benefits

  • Existing drawings and models can be input, edited, and processed easily.
  • Reduction in parts costs, because BySoft automatically nests parts perfectly.
  • Raw materials are used in their entirety.
  • Cutting plans can be perfectly created with the push of a button.
  • The correct cutting technology is automatically set and the process is automatically simulated and monitored Offers comprehensive options for scheduling and monitoring manufacturing processes.
  • Provides maximum transparency because all machine and job data are always available.
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CNC Shearing

TR Engineering CNC Shearing

  • Thickness : 6mm
  • Sizes: 3 meters
  • Swing cut
  • Twin sheet support system
  • Simple operation
  • Proven solution
  • Strict, high quality standards
  • Competitive
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CNC Turret Punch Press

TR Engineering CNC Turret Punch Press

CNC Turret Punch Press is used to punch holes, slots where not much of profiles are involved to increase the productivity and reduce cost. The machine is from Ashok Manufacturing Company, India. Maximum Punching tonnage is 30 tons and bed size 2500mm x 1250mm.

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MG SRL 3 Roll bending machine

  • Electro-welded frames.
  • Three powered rolls with hydraulic motors installed directly on them.
  • Planetary roll movements and rolls parallelism control by massive torsion bars.
  • No maintenance needed.
  • Bed Length – 2000mm
  • Maximum bed length – 2000
  • Maximum thickness – 6mm with pre bending
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Horizontal Bending Machine

TR Engineering Horizontal Bending Machine

The Stierli-Bieger 700 CNC/W Bending-Centre is a highly productive and versatile machine with a modern 2-axis control.The die holder has a height of 300 mm and the punch tool holder is 120 mm in diameter, guaranteeing a variety of applications with simple and rapid tool interchange.

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Tube Bending Machine

TR Engineering Tube Bending Machine

Single axis NC tube bender with manually pre-settable rotary & linear indexing arrangement useful for multi-plane bending wherein the component should have a straight length of 150 mm approx at trailing end after last bend for holding the tube in the chuck/carriage. Extra straight length 2D approx before bend for clamping and after bend for pressure die support will be required to be retained and cut-off later if not available.

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Projection Welding Machine

TR Engineering Projection Welding Machine
Capacitor discharge projection welding is a resistance welding process. In this process, a bank of capacitors is charged to a pre-set voltage and then discharged through the pulse transformer. This results into delivery of very high current through the component to be welded. The weld time is less as it is the time of discharging the capacitors.As the weld time is between 3 to12 milliseconds, there is negligible heating and blackening of components. Water cooling is not required for the machine due to less weld time. Capacitor discharge technology offers reliable weld quality along with excellent aesthetics.

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Roscamat Tapping Machine

TR Engineering Roscamat Tapping Machine

It consists of a radial arm with a 360º turning radius. It is connected to a vertically moving swivel arm that always maintains perpendicularity to the reference plane – which is the machine support surface. The handle allows to balance the tilting arm and to position it at the operator’s convenience. The modular system admits the quick-change tap holders with or without safety clutch depending on the intended job (blind or through holes). Thread capacity from M2 up to M16

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Linear welding Machine

TR Engineering Linear welding Machine

This machine is used for linear welding of rolled sheets. Maximum length is 750mm. Advantages are uniform bead appearance and higher productivity.

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